Unpublished shot from Moth editorial with these beautiful pants from @sofia_ms. I think these would be great for the holiday glitz rounds!
Drying flowers on the chandelier makes for a bit of magic. #dryingflowers #crazypropsinmyfuture
My favourite shot of the weekend. 
Zenaida (photographer temporarily turned amazing model)
photography, styling, make-up - Liz Dungate
Jac Seriously Tortured Artist
photo, make-up, styling - Liz Dungate
Outtake from Gossamer Moths shoot
Lucy and Elizabeth @ Liz Bell Agencyphotography - Liz Dungatestyling - Vincent Leemake-up/hair  - Win Liu
Jac - she’s amazing.
photo, make-up, styling - Liz Dungate
Latest editorial “Gossamer Moths” out in Lucy’s Magazine.
Photography Liz Dungate
Styling Vincent Lee
Make-up and hair Win Liu
Models Lucy, Mieka and Elizabeth with Liz Bell Agency
Danielle wilhelminavancouver
photo, make-up, hair - Liz Dungate
Styling - Sarah Danniels @Theyrep
My new favourite photo of a favourite person.
photo/make-up - Liz Dungate
model - Colleen
Amanda, from the crown series.
photo, make-up, props - Liz Dungate
And while I’m looking back through photos of the Davison beauties, here’s one of Tyg from our grunge shoot.
Elizabeth, one from the past. Tomorrow, a whole new Adventure.
The faces of Nick @WilhelminaVancouver
Photos, grooming -Liz Dungate
Nathalie Tusznio from a couple of years ago, one of my first. So Pre-Raphaelite.

Photo, make-up/hair, styling on this shot - Liz Dungate
Psychedelic Garden in Opalus Magazine
photos, make-up, styling - Liz Dungate
model - Tyg @ Liz Bell Agency